About Us

LU NANI® Fashion & Beauty Tools

My name is Beate Katiela, I am a mother of two wonderful children, a stylist and founder of LU-NANI® Fashion & Beauty Tools. Two cultures unite in me, the Arabic and the German, and from this fusion my passion for fashion and styling emerged. As a stylist, I have learned numerous tricks and secrets over the course of my career that help us show off our assets in the best possible way. Inspired by these experiences, I developed LU NANI

LU NANI stands for practical and innovative products and trends. No matter whether curvy or slim size, you should feel confident and comfortable in your wedding dress outfits, that's what LU NANI stands for.

No one should have to worry that their blouse will fall apart in an important meeting or that on their wedding day they will be more concerned with the fit of their dress than enjoying the special day.

Our first product, which has already received attention in renowned magazines such as Guido, Bride & Groom, Wedding Planner and Braut.de, is our LU NANI® - KATIELA Secret Tape. We are particularly proud of our unique LU NANI® Secret BRA Tape - the invisible bra that gives your breasts the perfect support and a beautiful shape. The LU NANI Secret BRA Tape is like a transparent, sheer bra, the perfect solution for dresses with plunging necklines, halter necks, strapless dresses, tops and cut-outs. No bra, no straps and no bra fastener in the back to disrupt the overall look. Whether you wear it as an invisible bra under your dress or top or want to achieve an additional push-up effect under your bra - everything is possible with the LU NANI Secret BRA Tape. The only thing that counts is the result: a perfect cleavage in your dress or blouse.

As a modern company, we are of course aware of our responsibility towards the environment. Quality and sustainability are our top priority, both in our branded products and in the packaging. That's why we mainly use recyclable material for packaging. We are proud that our self-created beauty tools have been developed without animal testing, and this is made clear by the official "No animal testing" logo on all of our products. In addition, all of our products are clinically tested and manufactured in Germany.

LU-Nani® stands for innovation, quality and style. We develop our products with great attention to detail and a deep understanding of our customers' needs. Our goal is to make you feel safe and comfortable with our products.

No bra straps No bra clasp LU NANI® transparent adhesive bra shape and support with wearing comfort.

How to use the LU NANI® Secret BRA - Bra Tape?

Cleanse skin (cream and oil-free) Cut tape to the desired length, depending on cup size. Remove the protective film from the transparent adhesive tape and apply it to the skin according to the wearing option (you can find ideas for wearing options in the BRA Tape picture gallery above). Now peel off the backing of the BRA Tape on the surface of the scored film. Done!

Does the boob tape also hold large sizes?

Of course! Our tape is suitable for every woman, regardless of her body size, whether you are slim or curvy. The
LU NANI® Secret BRA Tape is transparent, wafer-thin and hugs your skin

Does the boob tape hold even in small sizes?

Naturally! The LU NANI® Secret BRA Tape also offers
Women with smaller breasts have the opportunity to optimally emphasize their assets
and create a stunning cleavage by adding a like extra
Offers push-up function.

Is the boob tape suitable for all skin types?

The LU NANI® Secret BRA - bra tape is transparent, so it is suitable for all skin colors.

What is special about LU NANI® BRA Tape?

Our LU NANI® BRA tape is unique because it
transparent, wafer-thin and fits your skin perfectly. The tape is
as if invisible and therefore discreet.

Features of our LU NANI® bra tape:

  • Breathable
  • Latex-free and self-adhesive.
  • Made in Germany
  • Clinically tested
  • Great wearing comfort
    thin, flexible and supple tape
  • Our boob tape is
    Can be individually tailored depending on body size.
  • Easy handling
    protruding pull tab
  • Push-up function

Every LU NANI® Secret Bra Tape is made with care
and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards to give you a
to provide a safe and reliable product.